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What is our Departmental Intent?:

It is the intention of the Spanish curriculum to:
 Give pupils plenty of opportunity to practice and therefore remember key vocabulary.
 Broaden pupils’ understanding of the world and develop strong, long-life linguistic
 Become independent and reflective learner and therefore creative with the target
 Make learning languages fun and meaningful, providing pupils with many chances for
inter-dependent collaboration.

The Spanish curriculum will support the wider aims of the School by:
 Core Level: Supporting a profound developing of students’ literacy and numeracy.
 Personal Level: Encouraging resilience, perseverance and high level of self-esteem
inside and outside the classroom.
 Inter-personal Level: Teaching diversity, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and
mutual respect through language.
 Career and Future Level: Promoting cognitive flexibility that will enable students to
proceed to further study or to employment.