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Supporting Your Child

Our Approach to Wellbeing

Family Support Services

Would you like life at home to be calmer and happier?

Do you ask yourself, “what can I do to improve my child’s behaviour?”

Do you wish someone was there to give you some support and advice?

If the answer to those questions is yes, we may be the service for you.

The intensive Family Support Service works across all four Seaford primary schools and Seaford Head School to support families who need help with parenting challenges. We work with parents/carers and their children to improve behaviours, school attendance and the wellbeing of all family members, providing a practitioner who will help you develop strategies and routines to make home life and school life more enjoyable for all.

How can we help?

  • Help with building effective routines
  • Strategies on managing negative behaviours
  • Support for parents/carers when children are refusing to attend school
  • Improving sleep routines
  • Putting boundaries in place to support positive action
  • Supporting parents/carers around how to encourage safe expression of emotions

and much more!

Other Useful Resources

As a school, we understand that finding the right support for your child is not only important, it is essential. We have therefore put together some useful resources for parents and carers to access should they feel they require support. Some of these are local organisations and others are national charities. Either way, each contact should be able to offer you the advice, support and understanding that you need.

Early Help Keywork and Single Point of Advice

Early Help is an approach to improving outcomes for families with multiple and complex problems. It aims to provide earlier, coordinated and more effective support to whole families. For more information about this or if you have safeguarding concerns about a child follow the link.

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Open for Parents

Support and advice for parents and carers living in East Sussex around managing your child’s behaviour, supporting their development or their emotional wellbeing.

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Waves Seaford

Offering practical help and support to families in the Seahaven area.

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School Health Service

A team of public health practitioners, led by school nurses, who work with children, young people and families in East Sussex focusing on promoting the health and wellbeing of all school-aged children.

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Mediation East Sussex

Enabling people to hear one another and to resolve their differences.

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Bullying and Cyberbullying

Advice for parents and carers around how to help keep their child safe from bullying.

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Advice and tips on how to get good sleep.

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Tips on how to relax.

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Exam Anxiety

Tips on coping with exam anxiety.

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Divorcing & Separating

Advice and help for parents who are separating or going through divorce.

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Bereavement Support for Children & Young People

Advice service for children who are dealing with grief.

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Carers Support

Support for carers within East Sussex.

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Cost of Living Support Toolkit

Support for parents/carers with the cost of living crisis.

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Grief Awareness-Secondary-Parent/Carer Advice Sheet

Support for parents/carers dealing with grief.

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