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With the reintroduction of GCSE examinations this year, students at Seaford Head School are once again celebrating outstanding outcomes.  Bob Ellis, the Headteacher commented, “What this group of young people have achieved is truly amazing; we are extremely proud of all of them.  The fact that they have outperformed the last two years when Teacher Assessed Grades were awarded is remarkable.  These staggering GCSE results and the exceptional A-Level grades that were published last week really highlight how all the members of our community have worked together to overcome the challenges of the last two years.  I would also like to pay tribute to our amazing staff who have worked so hard to support our students.”


Jon Purdey, an Assistant Headteacher and the Head of Year commented, “This is my proudest moment in education.  For the way that they have worked over the last 5 years, these young people fully deserve their incredible results and are now really well set for the future.  It is great that so many of them are continuing with us into the sixth form; there is no limit to what they can achieve.”


Harvey Jenkins who achieved top grades across the board and will be studying Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A-Level in the Seaford Head Sixth Form said; “With all the help and support that we received from staff and each other, we always knew that we were going to do really well.” 


There were excellent results across the school; Harvey, Ellen Jones, Olivia Lee and Hayden Roberts secured over 30 grade 9s between them whilst Max Bushell, Nilany Sathiyaseelan and Xing Wu were celebrating, having made the most overall academic progress since starting at the school.

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