What is our Departmental Intent?:

Seaford Head School aims to develop students’ mathematical confidence allowing them to solve a range of complex problems and critically analyse the world around us. We provide opportunities for our students to become familiar with mathematical situations that are connected to real life context and have to have the ambition to develop further. Our goal is for all students to appreciate the beauty of mathematics through a universal language which underpins many other areas of the curriculum and create a more meaningful understanding.

Our philosophy is grounded in developing efficient recall of facts and procedures so that students are able to flexibly move between different contexts and representations of mathematics. Students are given examples of when a concept works and when it does not work. This allows for careful practice so that students are encouraged to think and ask questions. Students should be able to connect new ideas to concepts that have already been understood. This ensures that, once understood and mastered, new ideas are used again in the next steps of learning.


In order to learn and progress the mathematics curriculum intends to:

Promote a love of learning of applying mathematics in an enriching environment.

Develop student’s mathematical language in order to develop their understanding at a deeper level and progress in their learning.

Improve students recall of facts and procedures by applying them between different topics and contexts.

Create independent problem solving skills so that pupils receive a rewarding experience with their head work and create an ambition to strive further.

Develop students application skills so they can transfer these skills into the world of work and adult life.


The mathematics curriculum will support the wider aims of the school by:

Raising awareness of potential careers related to the subject hence widening their potential pathways in the future.

To offer an enriching, engaging and rewarding experience to nurture new interests.