What is our Departmental Intent?:

In Art, students are encouraged to learn through experimentation, practice and resilience; the person who makes no mistakes, usually makes nothing at all. As students progress through the school, they are introduced to different approaches in art and are taught the specific techniques for the application of different art media and processes. These skills are delivered progressively and build upon previous knowledge, which supports student aspiration to become more skilful and sophisticated. At the core of all projects is drawing, as this is an integral skill and the foundation on which all good artwork is based. Knowledge of others’ work from different times and cultures are also important for inspiring student’s ideas and creativity. As students become more confident in their ability, they are encouraged to work with greater independence and ambition.

In keeping with National Curriculum guidelines, there are 4 main strands of focus for student performance and assessment:

Analysing and understanding the work of other artists

Experimenting with ideas, materials and processes

Recording from observation (drawing)

Presenting a final outcome/artwork

In a well-resourced department, students can expect to work in a wide range of art and craft processes, from sculpture and ceramics through to photography and print-making.

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