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What is our Departmental Intent?:

Geography is the bridge between the sciences and social sciences. It fosters curiosity about the world by describing and explaining how it works.  It helps young people make sense of their ‘place’ in a complex and chaotic present and critically think about alternative futures.  Many contemporary challenges – climate change, food security, energy choices – cannot be understood without a geographical perspective. Thinking and decision making with geography helps us to live our lives as knowledgeable citizens, aware of our own local communities in a global setting.

It is the intention of the Geography curriculum to:

Develop students’ core geographical vocabulary, knowledge, and skills.

Enable students to organise their knowledge using the underpinning ‘key concepts’ of the subject and how these are interconnected to encourage synopticity.

Apply their understanding to unique situations to make informed decisions.

Develop students’ ability to collect, analyse, interpret and critique geographical data to make sense of dynamic and changing world.

The Geography curriculum will support the wider aims of the School by:

Offering opportunities to expose students to best of human thinking and culture.

Developing character through field work opportunities and collaborative learning.

Developing students’ understanding of the importance of community on a variety of scales and their roles and responsibilities.

Raising awareness of potential careers related to the subject hence widening their potential pathways in the future.

To offer an enriching, engaging and rewarding experience and foster curiosity.