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What is our Departmental Intent?:

Music is both a practical and academic subject. Musical learning is about thinking and acting musically. This means that music lessons are all about learning in and through music, not solely about music. Music lessons in school are focussed on developing imagination and creativity, building up pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding. Young people come into secondary school with a lifetime of musical experiences, which are practical and experiential, and which have contributed to their aural memory, practical, discriminatory skills, and personal and collective identity formation. Their music lessons in secondary school, therefore, do not assume that they know nothing and have no prior musical experience.

We hope that through music, students will learn valuable skills for life (regardless of whether they choose to take their studies further at key stage four or key stage five).


The National Curriculum in music aims to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to develop a sense of:



 active and independent learning


 musical skill

opportunities to make music together


expressing thoughts and feelings