Child Development

What is our Departmental Intent?:

Curriculum Design.  

The course is delivered over 3 years, starting in y9. This is to enable students to have adequate time to produce coursework.

In  y9 we begin with R057 – the content needed for the exam. This will then be re-visited in y11 prior to the public exams. The reasoning behind this is so that students have some initial learning on the subject before attempting the coursework elements.

The Units in y10 and y11 are coursework based and require students to work independently. It is helpful for the students to develop their knowledge in y9 prior to embarking on the coursework units.  

What we want students to know, understand and be able to do by the time they leave school

They will have skills and understanding that will help them to be good parents and citizens.

They will have knowledge and understanding that will equip them to seek work in a childcare setting.

They will be able to advance to further education / higher education. 


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